15th Century Waterdhavian Nobles

I have a much shorter list of the young rapscallions and poseurs who’re giving the Deep trouble circa 1497-99 DR. Here we go: DEPLOYABLE YOUNG NOBLES OF THE DEEP IN THE 1490S DR: These are all young players’ among the nobles; restless “doers” who habitually step outside their family compounds and the ranks of fellow … Read more

Blue Alley in Waterdeep

Why does Waterdeep tolerate Blue Alley over 150 years after its creation? Has the City made it safer/ harder to find (as not to needlessly harm kids and commoners)? @benmorrier The Blue Alley survives because the Watchful Order convinced Open Lord Piergeiron of its usefulness, for reasons the Open Lords since then agree with. These … Read more

Citadel of the Bloody Hand

(On the Citadel of the Bloody Hand) I’m a pretty frustrated to be honest. I’ve been waiting for EVER to have the area above the falling stairs mapped out and see how it connects to the castle  @JasonDGraham_ Here’s a quick tease: think of an old-fashioned D&D geomorph map (filling every bit of a graph … Read more

Dragonward of Waterdeep

(the original question included a screencap of text about Jalanvaloss) hi! How does somethig like this coexist with the Dragonward over Waterdeep? This dragon was touched by the staff? @newbiedm The Dragonward (like most powerful wards/fields/guards) is a localized persistent alteration in the Weave (whereas the area of effect of a spell going off is … Read more

Waterdeep City Watch

How would a character go about joining the Waterdeep City Watch? How about the City Guard? Question from the DH FB group. Thanks. @benmorrier There are many different “roads in,” but showing up and expressing interest is the long one, involving training and covert honesty tests during off-duty time. The Guard takes trainee recruits who … Read more

Wildlife in Waterdeep

Is there any interesting wildlife that makes its home in waterdeep? something a druid or ranger might like to befriend (animal messenger/beastmaster companion/speak with animals) @enjidee Like any temperate Sword Coast ocean port, Waterdeep has its share of gulls and rockdoves (pigeons), but except in the outermost harbor, they’re surprisingly scarce, due to the following … Read more