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Is there any interesting wildlife that makes its home in waterdeep? something a druid or ranger might like to befriend (animal messenger/beastmaster companion/speak with animals)


Like any temperate Sword Coast ocean port, Waterdeep has its share of gulls and rockdoves (pigeons), but except in the outermost harbor, they’re surprisingly scarce, due to the following predators: rats (which infest Dock Ward, the harbor part of Castle Ward, and Field Ward, and in lesser numbers can be found all over the city); a handful of hardened tressym (the descendants of escaped nobles’ pets) that have “gone wild” to dwell on city rooftops, gargoyles, and chimney-angles; owls and fishhawks (osprey-like harriers that also eat rats, mice, and birds); voles; bats (Waterdeep has several small, omnivorous varieties); a handful of “tree cats”(squirrels), which have almost died out in the Deep; and perhaps of most interest to druids and rangers, the “veller” (formally velorn). This is an intelligent, alert, curious, adept-at-climbing, prehensile-tailed, gray-furred four-legged raccoon-or-monkey-eco-niche-equivalent opportunistic omnivore (eating mainly human food scraps and waste, but also birds’ eggs) creature for which (with the addition of climbing even wet and/or vertical walls at 20 ft.) the Weasel stats in the MONSTER MANUAL can be used. It’s native to the Sword Coast North from Amn north to the Spine of the World, and east to Anauroch and Tunland. Hope this is of help!

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