Gnomes in Cormyr

Greetings, Magister! Could I bother you with some Realmslore question? Starting a game set in Cormyr, post ToD, and would like to play a Gnome Wiz or Sor. Are there Gnomes in Cormyr? If so, where would one find them and how are they seen by the Cormyreans? Many thanks @Lodewijk_Boute There are many in … Read more

Fashion in Cormyr

Cormyr, especially Waymoot & Suzail, but throughout that realm & its Dales neighbours what might be some fads/fashions among the younger human & demihuman denizens pre-time of troubles?I mean if it were Waterdeep I could assume things like the wealthy kids @jayeedgecliff I LOVE these sort of Realmslore questions. So, here are the fads and … Read more