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(On the Citadel of the Bloody Hand)

I’m a pretty frustrated to be honest. I’ve been waiting for EVER to have the area above the falling stairs mapped out and see how it connects to the castle 


Here’s a quick tease: think of an old-fashioned D&D geomorph map (filling every bit of a graph grid with passages, rooms, closets, etc.). That’s the trap-filled entrance to the citadel, which is inside Mount Waterdeep, and was designed as a stronghold whose defenders can retreat room-by-room, taking a maximum toll on intruders (so rooms and passages have firing-ports, portculli, angles to fire around, narrow spots easily barricaded, and spring-fire traps (multiple javelins, crossbow bolts). Very little storage beyond money vault and armory and food-and-water caches, because the Bloody Hand used cellars and attics in Waterdeep for warehousing wares/contraband/etc. Carved out of the bedrock of Mount Waterdeep, with secret doors into the “military” tunnels linking the Castle with the griffon air cavalry base (and “flight deck” caverns) high up on the mountain. As these tunnels were hewn through some rather rugged folded striations of rock, concealing the secret door seams wasn’t too hard. (There, enough to start with. :}) #Realmslore

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