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How far north do you need to be on the Sword Coast to where it is snowy year round? We started SKT in spring but I want to use some winter terrain. Icewind Dale? Citadel Felbarr?


It varies over the decades, but the Spine Of The World range marks the “always-snow” line at the coast, then (as one heads east) the northernmost third or so of the Glimmerwood, then the Ice Mountains, and then there’s permanent “ice rime” (would be snow if there was enough moisture) slightly south of that across Anauroch, where the wind chill of constant unimpeded howling winds cools things. Then east, into the Moonsea North, the line runs east-west through Whitehorn (hence its name) east of the Border Forest. So, yes, Icewind Dale is in year-round snow, but Citadel Felbarr is JUST south of “always snow.”

BTW: in the interior of the Sword Coast North, fallen snow will linger long into the spring in areas that don’t get full sun for very long in a day (the “shady lee” forests, peaks, etc.). Travelers in the Silver Marches are used to it.

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