Riddles for a great green Dragon

The key thing about Old Gnawbone is that she loves the company of humans; the bustle of city life, the energy, the strivings, the intrigues. She likes befriending them, establishing alliances and ties, using her human gang to manipulate events and make money (that she doesn’t really care about; she has more wealth than she’ll ever need and doesn’t mind losing or spending it; for her coins are like poker chips, proving her ongoing victories (besting others). She likes helping the lowly and needy, and tearing down those in power (like nobles, the Brokengulfs of Waterdeep being one example). She both fears and likes adventurers, following them like an avid sports fan, and refraining from swindling them where she wouldn’t hesitate taking advantage of a noble or rich Waterdhavian merchant or guildmaster. She ALWAYS thinks about her relationships with humans, before all else, and how what she does/what’s about to happen will affect them. I don’t mean she wants to be loved or needs approval, I mean she will act and speak in order to make particular humans trust her more, fear her more, shun her more, want to work with her more, or whatever she’s after (in other words, as DM, use what you know of your players personally to manipulate them).

Claugiyliamatar can be polite, friendly, even flirtatious or fawning, and will never show fear (and in truth, after all these years, feels little; she hates pain and doesn’t want to die horribly, but beyond that, she’s almost ‘so what’ regarding her own fate).

Similarly, she banks her rage rather than letting it boil over and master her, and is more apt to be amused when a human tricks or swindles her rather than lose her temper. But she will remember, and WILL get even.

Her favourite phrases include “I see, and we shall see” and “I wonder…” and “Have you now?/Do you now?/Will you now?” and “I am always interested in the ‘why.’ Do tell.”

And as for a riddle, try this one for a green dragon:

Harder to catch the harder you run
Yours but air, mine like deadly potion
In your last memory I’ll yet be green
In forests the scales of my kin are most often seen

Does she come in human guise?


Oh, yes, often. She wants to be “one of us,” “us” being the badass human women she observes forging their own lives in Waterdeep, mastering its intrigues and winning respect and influence. Not that she wants to stop being a dragon, but human society fascinates her.

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